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A dedicated family man who also makes families laugh…from both sides of the camera!

The above elevator pitch is based on 2 of the main elements of my life; my family and my career. I have been with my wife (we met at Ryerson!) since 1989, and we now have 3 young boys, aged 6, 9, and 12. My relationship with my wife and children is the most important, precious part of my life, and it increasingly influences how I see myself and how I define and present myself to the world.

My career is the second most important element of my life. I am a professional actor and director. I started off in theatre, did some big musicals, and now have segued into TV and film. I was a lead on a popular youth sitcom called Mr. Young, and to this day I get recognized by young people who remember fondly my portrayal of an idiot high school principal. During the run of that show, I started to turn my attention to directing, and have been lucky enough to direct multiple episodes of other kids shows. Recently my wife and I have begun to write our own show treatments, and have had interest from several production companies, as well as NETFLIX. I am keen to continue in this direction as a content creator.

Milo Shandel as 'Mr. Tater' from YTV's and Disney XD's. Mr. Young

It is important to me that I identify not only as someone dedicated to his family, but also as a comedic actor, and as someone who works behind the scenes.

I take great pride in my family, and the work I have done (nominated for 4 Leo awards as an actor and director). I hope my brand statement reflects that.

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