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1: To search for an exact word or phrase, enclose the word or words in quotation marks.

2: To search for something on a specific site, type in your search term, then add "site:(name of site)". For example if I want to search for all references to lightsabers, I would type "lightsabers".

3: To search for a definition, type "DEFINE: (word)"

4: To find a specific product in a specific price range, type the product then the lower price and the higher price separated by 2 periods. For example, "Toaster oven $10..$100"

5: To search for a specific filetype, add "filetype:(type of file, eg-pdf" after your search term.

6: To include certain words in your search, add +before the word. To exclude a word from your search, add -before the word.

7: Use "related:(name of website)" to find sites similar to an existing one.

8: Use an asterisk in place of missing or unknown words in well-known quotes to find the exact quote.

9: Use the link: command to search for all pages connected to a certain website or page.

10: I think the best way to search social media for a specific tag is to go to and add the tag you want. Either that or just type #(search term) in the google search bar.

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